Sunday, December 30, 2007

Just What the Doctor Ordered

It's a happy day here at the hacienda.

Lazy, but not.

I'm currently working on a decoupage project made all the easier by the big mondo tablet of decorative papers that I got at the craft store Friday.

I've been relaxing so hard, I forgot to feed the child! I realized it after she went and got a loaf of bread out of the refrigerator and began eating it. That along with the cookie dough she ate while we were making (more) sugar cookies should hold her for awhile. At least through naptime. I promise to give her some vegetables when she wakes up, O.K.?

In lieu of going to the gym today in the rain (let's face it, I just want to stay home), I exercised with another video I found recently: Denise Austin's Burn Fat Fast - Cardio, Dance and Sculpt.
I think I like it. It's certainly higher energy than the 2 mile walk video I've been doing. If I can just get past her constant breath-y voiced commentary.

Yesterday, I took my girl to a birthday party. It was a tea party! (With hot chocolate.) It was a lot of fun since the girls are only a year apart. We were the only ones out of about 8 invited, that showed up! That was kind of good as it was raining cats and dogs and the house is small. It was very relaxed and the girls went and played in the bedroom. The two moms ended up there playing as well. I'll never grow up!

The day's not over and everyone (except me) is napping... (but not for long), so I gotta scram if I want to do some artsy stuff.



hepsmom said...

Missed you at BP today, but it sounds as if you had gameful activity in its stead! Glad to see you had fun in Savannah!

HeyJules said...

Poor baby! Having to eat bread out of the fridge! Oh that was too too funny...

ksw_rootswriter said...

How did the decoupage turn out? Worth a picture?