Friday, December 21, 2007

Here Comes Santa Claus

I've made it.

Hairs have been colored, combed and curled. Santa will be dazzled by the beauty he encounters at those particular homes.

My clients have humbled me with their thoughtfulness and generosity. As each day progressed this week, a pile of presents grew. Each one more precious and thoughtful than the last. Some clients just gave me "a little extra". Some gave gift certificates to my favorite coffee place. ($75.00 worth, all told!) Some even gave me a little something for my little girl. I am so touched that as they are out, hurrying and scurrying around looking for just the right gift for each family member, that they would remember me and think to get me something too! I feel so selfish. So often, my scope doesn't extend very far past my very own nose. Thanks, dear ones, for reminding me of what Christmas is all about. Acts of kindness and thoughtfulness enacted.

I certainly have some last minute things I'd like to do. But if Christmas comes and I haven't done them, oh well. I'll be with my family and we will snuggle in and just enjoy each other's company.

I went to Posie Gets Cozy and was inspired to do gingerbread houses with my little girl. I don't know if it will happen this go 'round, but I will keep my eye out for the makings for it. It was so much fun to do sugar cookies with her, I'm sure she'll enjoy all the candy at the very least.

Well, must fly. I promised Ms. T (one of my dear twice a week clients, yeah, she's high maintenance but so fun) that I would come in at 8 this am since there was some confusion as to the time of her appointment yesterday. I have to go in and sort the money anyway and that will get me some progress sooner rather than later. Then I will be DONE and can go have fun whatever that means. (It probably means a trip to the grocery.) I want to go check on a possible gift for hubby, but if I take our girl with me, I'm afraid she'll be talking about it and ruin the surprise. For the first time, it's something more creative than buying something and putting it into a box. But. The lawnmower has been repaired also and this other thing is about the same amount of money so the poor boy may get an IOU under the tree. A couple in fact.

Think he'd settle for a hand knitted scarf? Oh wait. He'd get an IOU for that too.


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