Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas in the Country

One of my clients told me that they, along with some neighbors do a large Christmas display. She wasn't exaggerating. This is a small portion of some of the lights we saw.
My girl enjoyed all of it so much. We went onto a porch where there were countless interactive toys and villages to see.
It was all such a feast for the eyes and I found myself smiling the whole time. It has taken Rita and Tony about 15 years to build up to this incredible display. It takes about 5 weeks to set it all up. They are out every night greeting people from their porch. Tony plays Santa and if you didn't bring a camera for pictures, Rita is there to snap one for you and prints it out lickity-split for you to take home with you.

Santa kept giving my girl candy canes in hopes that she would warm up to him and sit on his lap for a picture. She did finally get on his lap and gave him a sweet hug which I captured on film, but it came out too dark. By the time I snapped the next one, she was straining to get down. That one turned out. Of course.

I can see this outing becoming a Christmas tradition.

It just goes to prove...

When it comes to Christmas, you never quite grow up.


hepsmom said...

I'm gonna be okay, I guess. We're all headed to Granny and Bubba Sr.'s today. I might as well be okay, since I won't be able to get back this way until the 27th. Ugh.

Thanks for the offer. I'm good!

Felicia said...

Merry Christmas :)

Rose said...

Was this in Nags Head by any chance? I went to something like this there a couple of weeks ago! Merry Christmas!