Friday, December 14, 2007

"Events" and Other Ironies

Serve me up and call me dinner!


Thankfully, I don't feel quite that bad! Honestly, I sound worse than I feel. I'm croaking and a bit congested. My voice started going last night. I've gone from alto to bass and now it's pretty much gone.

But you can still hear me loud and clear! (Bless your heart.)

One of my clients was telling me that he had a heart attack the day after Thanksgiving. (He's doing great-they installed a stereo system in him and he picks up satellite radio now. ;P) I learned that a heart attack is now called--get this--a cardiac event. Does that strike anyone else funny? It makes it sound like we should hang up twinkly lights and serve margaritas to make it more festive!

Man, what a weird week it was for me. My hormonal 'pissy' fit lasted most of the week. (you, poor things, got the brunt of it.) I just tried to be quiet and keep to myself, knowing that was safer for everyone involved and I didn't have the energy to talk anyway. I'm glad I work with people. My clients really helped to cheer me up. And come to find out, a lot of people were feeling as I did this week.


I love the "The Joy of Cooking" cookbook! My husband found a used copy somewhere. It's white with gold writing on the front. It was in it's ninth printing. (1978) It was first published in 1931! You can find pretty much anything in that cookbook. (Muskrat anyone?) It's very comprehensive, full of information as well as recipes. I looked through the drinks section last night and sure enough, there was a recipe for a toddy. Miracles of miracles, I had some rum (granted, it's probably about 7 years old, does it go "bad"?) so I whipped up a hot toddy for medicinal purposes. It tasted like tea, and not very strong, so I made it a double (almost). I have to say it was very comforting and not boozy at all. (Maybe I need fresh rum) I can't say it fixed my funk, but still, nice to sip on while sitting on the couch watching a movie.


I'm looking forward to this evening. I'm going to dinner with Butterbean to celebrate her birthday which is the 17th. Last year, (I think that was just last year) she took me to dinner in Savannah. I felt like a little kid. Sky was the limit. "Get what you want" she said. It was a feast! Bottle of wine, good, good food, and a sampler of desserts. Sigh. I'll never forget it. Tonight, I hope to treat her just as well. We'll go to Christopher's here in town. I have to say, it is wonderful to have our own fine dining restaurant and not have to drive an hour. It will have to be an intimate dinner, since I'll practically have to sit in her lap in order to be heard. Ha. Or, well look like the couples who have been married for ages who sit through the entire meal without speaking other than to say "pass the salt".


Thank you for commenting this week. You encouraged me so much. I love hearing from you. I've grown really fond of you.
pass the kleenex.


InTheFastLane said...

The Mr. and Violet have the same croaking icky cold. I have been making fun of them all week :)

I hope you have a fun evening.

Anonymous said...

Lol, sniff, pass the kleenex very cute!! I hope you feel better.