Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It was the Best Christmas Ever!

I hope your Christmas was everything you had hoped it would be and then some.

I don't know when I've enjoyed Christmas so much.

It was so leisurely. So simple.

I had no preconceived ideas of making it "special". There was no Christmas breakfast, lunch or supper to be prepared. I made the most delicious chicken and dumplings for supper.

There was no traveling hither and yon to visit family. No family coming to visit. Just us. At home.

The day was dreary, the lights were cheerful. The radio played Handel's Messiah on one station or another most of the day.

It was so much fun watching our girl open her gifts. We had purchased one "big" gift for her (a doll house) and her daddy had gotten her a couple of Preschool Bibles. I gave her a few trinkets in her stocking. But two different friends gave us several things with her in mind. She received several computer preschool games and a video from a friend who had been yardsailing and some books and gymnastic leotards and the cutest frog sleeping bag from a friend who was cleaning out her daughter's toys. She played and played and played. I love to see a child playing and using their imagination.

I was able to lay around and knit and work in my craft room some. The day felt as if it would go on forever and I almost wished it would. In fact, when I went to bed, I lay reading for the longest time, not willing to let the day go.

The whole day was the best Christmas gift ever.

I work today and tomorrow. Part of me wants to stay home and repeat yesterday's relaxation, but I think I'm ready to move onward. I could get used to working two days a week! I have another long weekend coming up!


Mrs. Blogoway said...

I know. I work Thursday and Friday and then off again. It was such a great holiday. Glad you took it easy.

InTheFastLane said...

I am not very good at relaxing, even when I have all day to do it. Maybe tomorrow? Your day sounds great!