Monday, December 3, 2007

How Do You Do It?

My, it's amazing what comes out of those clothes when you wash and dry them!
How do you write your blog?
Do you sit down at the keyboard and wait for inspiration to strike? Do you know when you sit down, what you are going to say? Do you walk around through life now thinking in "blog entries"? Do you write down ideas for blogging subjects?
I'm still trying to figure out myself.
I do find myself going through my day's experiences writing snippets in my head. Filing it away as fodder for this page. (Lucky you, half of it doesn't make it. I already worry that I'm boring you to tears as there is nothing remotely interesting that happens.)
The other day, I had a "scathingly brilliant" idea and wrote it down knowing if I didn't, it would be gone forever. Sometimes, I write things down, especially if I don't want to lose the exact wording I came up with. I don't write down half the stuff I think of. (Think of the brilliant things I've lost!) My hubby on the other hand, I think writes down his every thought! He is always jotting. And it's always something deep, philosophical and thoughtful. I'm thinking of what I'm going to do on my next day off. (As opposed to what I want to do!)
Usually, I sit down here and lightly drum the keypad a couple of times hoping the blog will write itself while miraculously becoming witty and entertaining by the end.
Don't worry, I'll keep working on it.
(Drat Blogger! It won't let me put spaces in again!)


HeyJules said...

I generally know what I'm going to write about when I sit down but sometimes it takes a whole different spin by the time I start the writing process. I just go with it all...where it ends up is anybody's guess.

mrs. blogoway said...

The great thing about having a blog is that even when something horrible happens now, I think to myself, "Oh, I can write about this!"

InTheFastLane said...

Sometimes I know what I am going to blog about. But, other times I just sit down and out it comes. Some of my best blogs just happened.

Amy Nieto said...

"Do you walk around through life now thinking in "blog entries"?"

OMG YES I DO. It's ridiculous. lol I have a small note taped to my wall (sometimes thumbtacks are just too much work) with a list of topics i need to blog about eventually. A personal/design-wise review of The Sound of Music is #1. It's been there for about 3 months. *sigh*

Thank you for commenting on my blog in the past weeks. My blog is acting up again and I didn't see them till just now. I need more time to catch up on yours (that pic with the little darling inside the dryer is AWESOME)!