Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ode to Julie Andrews

I have never understood why that song, "A Few of My Favorite Things", sung by Julie Andrews, has become a standard Christmas song. I guess "packages tied up with string" categorizes it. Nevertheless, it's played every year and is now stuck in my head. With that in mind, I offer you a few of my favorite things found around my town:

I just love how the sun shines and casts a shadow of this crepe myrtle on the building. So delicate and sculptural. This is a greenway that the city has recently built for walking. It's quite nice and there are interesting spots along the way to stop and sit.One of the interesting spots to stop and sit. Each sitting spot is artistic and inventive. Fun to discover along the way.My favorite "getaway" spot: The library.Inside the library is a large atrium type room. This skylight lets in lots of natural light.
Beautiful architectural gates inside the library atrium. Before they remodeled, I think this was actually the entrance.Ah yes. The heart of the library. I could wander here for hours. If they'd let me have coffee in here, I could very well live here.
This is the sign on the backside of my favorite thrift store. A fun place to wander. They're always playing Elvis era music. That gets a little old sometimes, but if they changed it, it wouldn't quite be the same.

The botanical gardens are part of Georgia Southern University. This is one half of the gated entrance. Sculpted magnolia leaves make up the interior of the gate.
One of my favorite plants in the botanical gardens is Persian Shield. Gotta love a plant with purple, pink and green leaves. It's not a shy plant.I'm a sucker for back lit leaves. Especially if they're lacy fern fronds.

One of the fabulous metal sculptures in the botanical gardens.
I really wanted to show you a couple more photos from the gardens, but my card filled right before I took the photo that I went there to get in the beginning before I got sidetracked along the way. That just means I'll have to go back and we'll do this again!


Rising Rainbow said...

I think that gate is incredible.

hepsmom said...

Hey, I LOVE Julie Andrews' version of the song. I am not sure if it's true, but I want to think that The Sound of Music was shown over the holidays. Maybe it was around Thanksgiving or perhaps during the Christmas season. I wanna think this, but I can't be sure. Anyway, you'll be ruined if you hear Rod Stewart's version. It's a nightmare! He also does "Baby, It's Cold Outside" with Dolly Parton and it will punish your ears! I like his standards, generally, but his Christmas isn't very entertaining.

Love the pics! The one of the "greenway" (Did Al Gore name this?) is quite lovely. Keep up the pic-clickin'!