Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Adventures in Hair

Speaking of blogging inspiration, how about you've got all these ideas and thoughts running through your head and the minute you sit down to type a post, they scram leaving you listening to crickets?!

Yeah, well....

So, that lady's color I've been working on for, what, a week now? Did it again yesterday. Really hoping that the third time's the charm. The good thing is, it's gotten better each time I've done it. I think it would have been right the second time, but she didn't want ash in her hair, she wanted neutral and gold. I gave her what she wanted, (knowing it should be ash to kill that red) and that's why I had to do it a third time. Although it was better the second time, it was still too coppery. So yesterday, guess what she got? Ash. And it looks right now.

There's a fine line between listening to the client and following my professional gut. I learned early on in my over confidence as a hairstylist that I was not the end all, be all. If a client said, "It never works when you use a razor to cut my hair," my first thought was, "Yeah, well, I'VE never cut your hair." Then, low and behold, after doing what I wanted to, I'd discover, wonder of wonders, their hair frizzed up like they stuck their finger in a light socket, when I cut it with a razor. Learn to listen was the lesson learned. BUT! There are times, like this experience with this lady's color when I listen to them and I don't go with what I know and I end up making more work for myself. And perhaps the reason I have fretted over this so much is, this is not normal for me. As far as I know, in most cases, I get it right the first time. I fret if I know a client isn't happy. Maybe I do still think I'm the end all be all.

I'm a people pleaser.

A perfectionist.

And all because red's my favorite color.

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Melanie said...

When did you hair gals start using ashes to do people's hair? Do you use cigarette ashes, cigar ashes? Fill me in on the secret so I can have an excuse to start smoking. LOL Ok, I'll stop picking and go lotion up my, *gasp*, ashy legs. :P