Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Whine and Cheese

I'm puny.

Yesterday, I started with that drainage down the back of the throat, so when I got home, I took some Alka-Selter Plus. Usually, when I do that, I feel my normal self the next morning. Not this time. I feel nastiness brewing in my nose and throat. It's probably just the sinus thing I get EVERY year.

I am BUSY from now till Christmas. Yesterday, my appointment book was playing fruit basket turnover what with people calling to rearrange their appointments.

I haven't exercised since running on Saturday. Blah. Part of it is, I don't feel great today and I'm tired this morning and part of it disgust from having exercised pretty faithfully all this year and it hasn't appeared to do anything to correct my body shape like I want it to! I just ordered a book called "Abs for Women" (I think that's the title.) It includes diet and exercise to target that specific area. Here's hoping!

Golly, I'm whiny today.
I'll spare you any more of my groanings.

Go get some retail therapy or something for me.

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