Saturday, December 29, 2007

Retail Therapy

Well, Savannah welcomed me into her bosom with open arms.

On the hour drive down, I found a radio station playing Jazz. It was just the thing. Relaxing, yet upbeat.

Ironically, I still didn't get to go downtown into the funky creative shops and explore. I was up in the retail chain area. I made that my first priority because I really wanted to get my girl some more pajamas from Target. I figured there would be a GREAT sale and some really cute stuff. The sale wasn't as much as I had hoped and there was little to no selection. I did find one pair in her current size, it's better than nothing. Cute penguin print too.

While at the mall, I hit a craft store. I found a pack of decorative papers and a variety pack of ink pads in different colors. That will be fun to play with this weekend!

On to Rugged Wearhouse, which was highly recommended by two of my employees. Good concept: cheap, namebrand clothing. I found nothing. Oh well.

Then: my heart began to beat a little faster as I headed toward Barnes and Noble. However, that was tempered by looking at my watch and realizing I needed to head for home soon. (Where DOES the time go?!) I went directly to the magazine section to feed my addiction. Two Photoshop mags for hubby, Somerset's Altered Couture and Dwell for me. (Funny, I thought I got more than that!) I found a Highlight High Five for my girl. She was so cute. "Oooh, wook! A magdazine!" I looked for more of the Somerset mags but didn't really find what I was looking for. At $15 a pop, I try to be choosy. Only getting those I'm REALLY interested in. I would have any of them. They are all so well made and inspirational.
I also found a book that will really benefit my photographer husband, but I will use it too now that the photography bug has bitten me too. It's called Expressions, by Donna Smylie & Allison Tyler Jones. (Taking Estraordinary Photos for Your Scrapbooks and Memory Art.) It's basically a primer for good photography. I've learned a lot from hubby, but this book lays it out very simply and talks about lighting as well. Invaluable info in here. It will be a great rescource.
I really could have stayed in B&N for quite a bit longer looking through music and other books. I think if I had unlimited income, I'd spend it on books and magazines. Then I'd need to build a huge English type library onto the house to hold my wealth.

Time to turn the car toward home. There was quite a bit of traffic, it seemed the cars were pushing each other down the highway. My thought turned toward my emotions felt sated, but I still long to finish my mental list of things to do in Savannah.

I'll just have to go back.


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Mrs. Blogoway said...

That sounds wonderful. B&N is my favorite book store. Our town doesn't have one (only Books-a-Million) but when I go shopping 1 hour away, I always end the day at B&N. I grab a few mags and books that look interesting and sit in their comfy chairs and read my little heart out.

It saves money, too:-)