Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Need to Get Out More

I'm super excited.

This work week has not only been incredibly short, but I hope to go to Savannah tomorrow, my first day off in another long weekend.

Not only, but also...


(giddiness ensues)

I have mixed emotions about being alone when going on a personal shopping trip like this.

1. I can do what I want, if I want, however long I want, where I want.
2. I don't have to wait on anyone or be afraid that they're ready to go and I'm not.
3. I can cover more territory in a shorter amount of time.
4. Or not.
5. I won't have anyone to share this "really cool thing".
6. I won't have anyone to share a good meal with.
7. I probably won't eat a really good meal.
8. I'd kind of feel better, safety-wise, if a friend were with me.
9. There's an hour of silence each way (not counting the radio).
10. With a friend, I could laugh and giggle over stupid stuff for and hour each way.

I have asked Butterbean to come with me. She's one of those friends who likes what I like, and always seems to be in sync with me (or I with her) about when we are ready to go. We both LOVE good food. Alas, it depends on how she feels. She said she feels like she's coming down with the flu. Yikes.

Either way, it will be positively blissful.

OMG, I can't wait!!

************(happy dance)*********************

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Mrs. Blogoway said...

I like to go on long trips with friends, but an hour isn't bad and I think you'll have a blast by yourself. Listen to some great music and get in touch with your thoughts.

And think of me!