Thursday, December 6, 2007

Catching Up With Myself

What an eventful morning!

It's terrible to start the day hacked off, but that's what I did.

I like to write in my blog early in the morning before the rest of the family gets up. This a.m. was no exception. Well, the computer decided that it was still sleepy and refused to budge. Crap! I so badly want my own computer (is that selfish?). It's just that hubby always has this particular computer tied up with photos and programs, that the memory is almost maxed out and it puts the computer to sleep.

But let's not talk about that.

Then, I'm getting ready for work, running right to the minute as usual and arrive at work at 10 on the dot. I walk back to get my first client and see..oops! my 9:30 appointment! Holy Crap! I even saw her yesterday and said, "See you in the morning! " Somewhere between last night and this morning, I forgot! Somehow, I managed to catch back up with myself by lunch time. Whew!
Man, it's been a challenging morning and it's making me ill!

But let's not talk about that.

Let's talk about good stuff like how I was really looking forward to blogging this morning. Nothing spectacular, I just was able to go out to dinner with a friend I hadn't seen or heard from in awhile. She blogs at Adventures of Frugal Girl I've been concerned about her since I hadn't seen her post in a bit and was going to call and check on her when she called me first in desperation for a haircut. I added her to the end of the day and then we went to supper together. What a treat! She is so much fun and I haven't laughed that much or that often in awhile. It's that contagious laughter. Once you start, you can't quit. I would calm down, (we were in a restaurant) and then bust out all over again. I can't even recount for you what was so funny. It was one of those "had to be there" moments. I love friends like that.

You know what else I like?

A friend who calls when they need you.

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Mrs. Blogoway said...

yes, why do we all withdraw when we need our friends the most?