Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tony the Tiger's Philosophy

Hola Amigos

I'm looking forward to today. I don't know why.
Except that it's the last day of my work week.
I have off tomorrow.
Today, I get to see my "regulars".
Chiropractor today.
Massage tomorrow.
I feel good about myself because I've exercised today.
Had a huge breakfast scramble/omelet thingy. (With a side of crescent rolls. Forgive me, I was starving and we gotta get the bad food out of the house somehow!)
I'm working Saturday which will help the piggy bank.

See? It's all rather mundane, but still....


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Mrs. Blogoway said...

I was supposed to be off tomorrow, too, but I took some last minute callers and scheduled them for tomorrow. You know how it goes... that green stuff is always helpful.