Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Will Survive!

(Heard this joke yesterday. It cracked me up.)

Mary confused her valium and her birth control.
She had 14 kids.
But she didn't care.

I am covered up this week.

Since I do hair for a living, that's quite an image.

This week, it's not just been the day to day appointments that I've done (although, I have done that) we've added two consecutive 8:15 am breakfast meetings for the owners and a lunch meeting with one of the employees.

Two of my "sweet babies" (aka Thursday regulars) are going to a Mardi Gras party this weekend and since it's a costume party, they broought their wigs to me to be styled. Bless them.

I stayed late last night for a client when I couldn't put her anywhere else and worked in a few hilights on her tween daughter. Also, talked the client into adding hilights to the color I was doing. In the industry, that's called "upselling". Yeah me.

I'm scheduled for a massage tomorrow. Thank God.

Maybe they'll upsell me a facial.


InTheFastLane said...

Busy would be good in some ways though, right! When you are in Chicago, you wanna hop on over to Indiana and upsell my hair? :)

LunaNik said...

OMG...that joke! LOL, that's too funny!

Here's hoping you get that facial!!

HeyJules said...

Ohhh...a massaaaaaage! Take me with you!!!

mrs. blogoway said...

There must be something in the air for meetings... our salon is having a meeting today (first one in 4 years). Not sure what's up.