Sunday, March 23, 2008

Adult Addictions and the Children Who Encourage Them...On the Next Jerry Springer...

So, I'm visiting some friends Sunday.

We're sitting around the table after eating lunch (to which I'd invited myself) casting about for ideas for dessert. Pound cake was dismissed after it was revealed that it took an hour and a half to bake. The word chocolate was murmured (by one or all of the four females present) and suddenly, a craving was born. I mentioned that one of my favorite things to eat when there isn't really any dessert in the house to be had, is to make up a sweet treat by eating equal spoonfuls of chocolate frosting and peanut butter with what ever cookie/cracker type thing I can find. Well, maybe they were humoring me, but that's what we had to have.

Well, let's make chocolate frosting. Ooops, no confectioners sugar, no milk....


Let's send one of the children for it! After all, there are six children to choose from, surely we can "persuade" one of them to run a little errand for us!

This led to one of the kids hopping on a bicycle and cruising up to the local IGA, (are they open on Easter Sunday?! They are? Whew!) along with several phone calls--"they're out of confectioners sugar!" "Oh, just get a can of chocolate frosting!" "they're out of skim milk!" "Get 2%!"

Shouldn't she be back by now?

Oh, here she comes!!!

A cloud of dust ensues as seals are ripped off and bowls are ladled with a spoonful of each: chocolate frosting, peanut butter and (surprise flavor of the day) caramel frosting. A sparse amount of vanilla wafers was unearthed and the sighing and moaning commenced.

Never underestimate the power of the chocolate, my friends.
(And the power of the Mr. Pibb to bribe the child.)



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Jenny said...

That sounds wonderful! I baked a cake for Easter, and no kidding the middle is about a quarter of an inch thick. It looked like a pond was in the middle of it.

I tried to convince Chad that I could make some icing and feel it in, but he didn't think that much icing was possible!

So we ate it, it was great just weird looking!


Amy Nieto said...

hahah too funny