Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Coming in for a landing. There's SNOW down there!
The Eleven City Diner: Oh.My.Goodness.

My Challa French Toast. That was NOT cool whip on that plate. That was the real deal. I ate every speck. I also waddled out. A pretty patch of snow at the beautiful 4th Presbyterian Church. I've been told it's the same church where they filmed "My Best Friend's Wedding". Sorry, no pictures allowed in the church. But it was beautiful.

View from the Sears Tower.
More gastronomical goodies.
See? Yum!

View from my hotel window. Morning over Chicago. Isn't that light beautiful?My haircut inspiration. (Paul Mitchell's new trends.)Overlooking the hairshow floor. Exhibits and stages for demonstrating hair.I didn't get photos in the Art Institute. I don't think they allow photos in there and my hands were full anyway. Mrs. Blogaway, I didn't see that painting that you mentioned, but I think I saw every other one that he ever did.

I think I was wrong about the other exhibit. I think it was Winslow Homer's watercolors. Not Whistler. Either way, I scanned that one on the way to Hopper.


Bebe said...


Loved seeing your pictures of Chicago! I can't believe that is real snow ~ haven't seen that down here in S. Georgia for awhile. Mmmm....mmmmm that plate full of french toast looks delicious! Looks like you have a fabulous trip!

Smiles...Bebe :)

InTheFastLane said...

Those food pics are making me hungry!

mrs. blogoway said...

I feel like one of those people who has an online affair and then finally gets to see what the other person looks like. LOL.

Your hair looks great. The pics are wonderful. What a trip! I wish our salon would plan a trip like that. It looks like so much fun.

hepsmom said...

LOVE the pics! I especially enjoyed the deep dish pizza picture. I am salivating like Pavlov's dogs. Muy delcioso.

What? No tour of Harpo Studios?

LunaNik said...

Awesome pics!!! I'm dying to visit Chicago!