Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Got a Friend...or Two

I have such good friends.

I have friends who kidnap me and friends who understand when I'm relieved that I'm not going to meet with them after all.

I'm an odd friend to have.

Case in point:
Yesterday, I get a phone call from a local friend (whom I rarely see because we both work) who said, "Hey C's in town and we thought we'd come by and get you so we can hang out awhile. Can you swing it?" So I'm whisked away for a jaunt into the unknown (and frankly, who cares when you're with your girlfriends?). We head straight for the beach and get sidetracked on Broughton Street in Savannah. After the temperature drops we nix the idea of going to the beach, opting instead for a dinner. Thinking nothing of the fact that it is Saturday night and we don't have reservations, we pull up to Pearl's Saltwater Grill where we had a lovely meal after waiting about 45 minutes. My friend M had breezily promised my husband that I would be back by "dark- thirty". Let's just say it was dark dark-thirty thirty when I returned home (at 10:00pm) It just goes to show, you can't plan spontaneity, right?

So today, I had previously made plans to go visit a friend in a neighboring town. A time for rest, renewal and a walk in the woods with her while having deep spiritual conversations or no conversation at all. We've done this before and both were benefited by it. This was to happen for me after my visit to our friends that we have started going to every Sunday morning now. (Kind of like a little home church thing we have going on.) I was finding myself dreading going to see e. for a walk in the woods. I was feeling quiet and moody. After all my going, I just wanted to be home with my family. So when e. called and said "what do you want to do?" I laughed and said "take a nap". She suggested we do it another time. It's cold, dreary and unispiring weather outside. No biggie. No wheeling, no pouting.

I'm so glad for friends who don't beat around the bush. I'm so glad for friends who can handle forthrightness and don't do things just to "be nice" cause they think they are supposed to (like I nearly did.) Feelings aren't hurt when things don't go their way. Flexibility is the order of the day.

What a relief!


Lady Em said...

I'm just like that with my friends. We like being hermits sometimes, and sometimes just not wanting to be around people, or always on the go. I understand completly. And it's so great that my friends aren't offended, because they feel the same way to!!

Jenny said...

Those are the best kinds of friends! I have one friend that went to Duabi for a year and we didn't email or talk until she called and said can you pick me up at the airport.

Yes I can, and it was like she hadn't even been gone!