Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yeah But, Will I Recover?

I have a fever.

Oh, I'm not laid out in the bed. Thankfully.

No, I have Spring Fever.

In a place where there are never quite four seasons, (just slightly undulating temperatures) I am not immune to this malady. I don't have the excuse of the dark days of winter--forgetting what the green grass looks like because it's covered in snow for a good three months.

I swear it's the flowers.

Apparently, when they open, they release an intoxicant that turns my thoughts to acts of frolicking and frivolity.

That's the only explanation I can offer for the craziness that has taken over me.

Either that or I'm pregnant.

Dear Jesus....No....Please?!

When I get up in the morning, I begin dreaming...."You know, if I didn't have to go to work today, think of all the things I would get done! Those garden beds need overhauling, that room needs painting and the closet needs to get a life."

But the official sign of spring for me is the opening of the "I want a new haircut" campaign. My poor husband. The man who dreams of a girl with softly flowing hair that brushes her shoulders. Oh, he thought he married her. Then she discovered she was a hairdresser/artist who loves nothing more than to find (and try) a new hairstyle and/or color every 15 minutes. Top that off with her love for the unconventional....

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready, I just 1. didn't want to deal with my hair, 2. couldn't find a hat I liked, 3. thought I'd do something really cool and wear a head wrap, 4. decided not to when hubby said people might think I was a chemo patient. I hadn't been this upset over my hair since I WAS pregnant! If I hadn't been late to work (and if hubby hadn't been in the next room), I would have taken scissors to my head and hacked it like there was no tomorrow.

Hey, it IS tomorrow!

All I can say is, you never know what a day will bring forth...


Jenny said...

Maybe that is what is with me and my hair! I wish I lived close enough that you could fix me!

I haven't gotten into the color but I'm only a few more gray hairs away! Lauren was playing with my hair the other day and she said she would pull the grey out for .10 a hair and I had to make her quit as I wasn't sure how many dimes I had!


Lady Em said...

So are you going to go for a new cut or color? Changing my hair is one of my favorite things to do. It makes me feel like a rockstar, okay well maybe not a rockstar, but you know what I mean. I just went from my red to a dark chocolate brown, darker than I thought it would be, and I want my red back!! But I don't want to bleach my hair at all, so I guess I'll just wait for this brown to fade, blah. And I am now ready to take the final step to Posh Spice hair. I don't care if I haven't los ten pounds or not, I just have to find someone that I trust to do it. Hey Mrs. Hairstylist ever done a posh spice bob?
I have a feeling your going to do something new with your hair, please post pictures. Good lord I should have been a cosmotologist....

mrs. blogoway said...

Yes, it's our paragative to change our hair like we change our minds! Go for it.

Bebe said...

Hi ~

Oh yes, you have it, too!! Spring fever is contagious; I thought I'd kept it to myself, but apparently it has spread!! :) It will be a chronic ailment and there is no known cure ~ you've just got to go with it!!

I've had a terrible case of it to that point that I've spent two days out in the yard weeding, fertilizing, shrub-cutting, and tree sawing. I can barely move today. Your post gave me a chuckle because I know exactly what you are going through with it!!

Hugs, Bebe :)

ksw_rootswriter said...

What a coincidence...I guess we had a little spring fever today, too...

I decided to straighten my hair. For those of you who don't know me--ok, nearly all of you--I change my hair style every 3 years, whether I need it or not. I have long, auburn, spirally curly and--truth-be-told--frizzy hair.) The problem, is that when I straighten my hair, my absolutely-gorgeous-strawberry-golden-spiral-curled little 4-year-old mophead becomes jealous and wants to have hers straighted, too. Trust me, that ain't happenin'...! This time, though, she complimented the new 'do and simply settled for stealing my (her) headband.

I'm off today. Actually, we're off all week; it's the kids' Spring break. They asked to plant their garden today (a strange and motley assortment of violas, sugar corn, dill and Child's Play sunflowers), so I guess we could have been industrious. However, to my extreme relief, I was saved from this chore by having my eldest boy preview each packet, which notified us in no uncertain terms to avoid planting until after the last frost. further conspired toward my laziness by notifying us that the last frost for our "frost band" was April 15. Good timing...I guess once my taxes have been paid, all I'll be able to AFFORD are veggies and flora from our "spring fever" garden.

So like Angeljoy said, you never know what a Spring day will bring forth. In our case: at my middle son-junior-scientist's insistance, we researched rocks and fossils in our outdoor lab and moved huge flowerpots and seashells aside to study earthworms, wiggly white grubs and a passel of baby earwigs typically hidden underneath. Each insect was sucked up by his "bug vacuum" and carefully stored in individual bug-watching jars with magnifying lens tops. After several swipes of the roaring vacuum, the spider was clinging desperately to his web, so my 6-year-old decided to study that poor creature "in his habitat." The mop-headed 4-year-old followed us around, trying to catch invisible butterflies in a net. She ultimately "caught" 2 wild violets from a sidebar jaunt into the woods (barely missing the poison ivy merely inches away). Then, the 3 kids and I hopscotched, using the same rocks we had been studying earlier (efficiency at its best).

I know fever's supposed to be bad, but I'd like to keep the least a little longer.

LunaNik said...

Ah, yes, spring fever. I got it bad!

And I sooo agree about the haircut thing! Why is it that a change of seasons always seems to spark an interest in a complete change of style also???