Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life Flashing Before My Eyes

Usually, as you watch children grow on a day to day basis, it's a subtle affair. But yet, it seems to happen so fast! I laughingly tell people, "I put her to bed one night and she was 4 months and when she got up the next morning, she was 4 years old!"

Other times, they accomplish all sorts of things in a single day! Like yesterday, she rode her bicycle (with training wheels) with confidence after discovering she's just about outgrown her tricycle.

Also, while at gymnastics yesterday, she walked on the balance beam without holding teacher's hand! (Never mind others have been doing this awhile, my girl is cautious.)

At 4 1/2 she is trying very hard to read. She occasionally surprises the daylights out of me by reading a word I had no idea she knew. Last night, she really set us back on our heels...

My husband makes movie montages from still photos, music and uses it to illustrate a Bible verse or two. He's done this with John 3:16, a verse we've been saying to our girl as part of her nightly bedtime routine since she was born. This particular movie montage has photos of her in it and so he showed it to her yesterday when she surprised him by saying the verse along with the video. Yes, she has it memorized, but he only puts a fragment of the sentence up at the time and she paused at the appropriate times, waiting for the next part to show up!

When we read our Bible story at night, she is anxious for me (or daddy) to "tell me the words". It's so neat to pause at a word and hear her say it!

This thrills me to no end since I LOVE to read. I don't remember the process of learning to read, but I do know that momma always got on to me for reading at the table. When she made me put away the book I'd brought to the table, I'd grab the cereal box.

Looks like Part II in the saga of my life is about to take off!

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mrs. blogoway said...

I think it's wonderful. I remember when my daughter started to read. It's just amazing and they are so smart. Keep on going!