Monday, March 17, 2008

My Personal Photo Shoot

She looks like it's her photo shoot today...There's no sweeter face anywhere. The camellia strewn path...
The photographer looking for the right shot and background...
Ah, yes, there is our lovely model...Sharleeta. A pleasure to work with. BTW, she has three kids. I now officially don't like her very much.
Here's one of the reasons I will never look like Sharleeta, my girl keeps insisting on making sugar cookies. (Check out her "apron" she came up with. Yes, I know....she's brilliant.)

Happy Early Easter!
I think I'll just take a bite of that nose and kiss that mouth for awhile. She's sweeter than the cookie dough!!
My favorite spot at the Bamboo Gardens. It's lovely any time of the year, I have a photo from the fall as well.
Doesn't this camellia look like a perfect rose bud? I've always loved how the petals layer so tightly. My girl was picking buds up off the ground and peeling the layers. Brought back long forgotten memories... I did that in my grandpa's yard.

We had a lovely time in Savannah. All my girl talked about was going to the other "library" and playing with Thomas the Train. She was so very patient while we took photos and generally amused herself in the dirt and picking berries off bushes. We finally ended up at Barnes and Noble, where she played to her heart's content.


InTheFastLane said...

What great photos! Looks like a great day, luckily you were not in Atlanta, eh? Thought about you when I saw the new about the tornado, but I have no idea of how close that is to you.

Jenny said...

Your little one is a doll! I love the picture of the trees too.

Have a great week!


OHmommy said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures. What a doll. And I agree... I officaly do not like the mother of three model. LOL. That is just NOT fair.