Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Can I Get A Witness?...Please?


Is anyone else having a hard time with the time change? I don't ever remember it affecting me this much. I cannot seem to catch up on my sleep since I went to Chicago (who is an hour behind me.) and then the time changed on the heels of that trip. Wah, I'm feeling old!

I haven't worked out at all this week. I go to bed with high expectations of getting up early as I usually do and it just isn't happening for me this week. I'm very disappointed in me. Then, with a great sense of timing, my body wouldn't fall asleep last night. ( and I wanted to SO badly!) It was 2:30 this morning before I finally slept. No getting up at 5 am, I can assure you. It was more like 8:35 and I scrambled to get to work by 9:45. That was a sight, I can assure you.

Deep breath.

I'm at work and gotta fly.
(That really makes my pigtails stand out, I'll tell ya!)


LunaNik said...

This time change hasn't affected me so much. HOWEVER, the time change in the fall KILLS ME.

Lady Em said...

This time change has messed everything up for me. I'm just now getting used to it. I was staying up later than I usually do, and I hate that!!