Saturday, March 8, 2008


Back to my ordinary life.

Where I work, buy groceries, fold clothes and continually try to figure out what to cook for supper.

Tell me again why I blog? On second thought, tell me why you read my blogs?


You know, it's really interesting to go to another part of the country and realize that things are a little different. Like, food for instance. (Of course, there are other things as well, but let's talk food.) It was almost impossible for me to order eggs for breakfast in Chicago.
Maybe I could have had scrambled eggs or an omelet. But I definitely could not order eggs over easy in Chicago. There was nothing to mix them with.
O.K., MAYBE I could have put them on toast and had ooey, gooey delight.
But it wouldn't have been the same without GRITS, people.
The indescribable glory of grits mixed with the soft center of the eggs, salted and peppered...heaven.
Now, house potatoes are fine. Alone. With ketchup. But you cannot mix eggs with house potatoes.
It just doesn't work.
Not in my world.

Another thing out of my realm of comprehension are designer products. On the one hand I understand the artistry of the design. I understand pricing (to a degree) for your art. I DON'T understand paying hundreds and/or thousands of dollars for a designer purse. Or dress. Or pair of shoes. I have a friend who has a Vuitton bag and Chanel sunglasses. I know someone else who has several designer things. True blue. Not Chinatown knock-offs. I've asked why they pay so much money for something they can get for much less expensively (by not getting a designer product) and they said it was something like an investment. They knew they liked it and that it would last forever. I'm thinking forever is a long time and I change my mind a lot. What if I get tired of that purse? Plus, I guess I'm the type that likes a lot of bang for my buck. Instead of getting one item for 700.00, I'd get lots of different items for that same amount of money. I do like fine quality and will pay a little more for that. butI guess our standards are different.

And the responsibility of it all! If I bought a purse for 700.00, I would be afraid to carry it around for fear that I would lose it or someone (sniffing out it's pedigree) would snatch it. And God forbid I get something on it or snag it! (As I am wont to do.) No, I'll stick with my department store purses and choke when I find them on sale for 30.00.

Then again, maybe I'm just cheap. Er, thrifty.

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Lady Em said...

Haha, me too. I don't understand it either. I would much rather shop at Wal-Mart as trashy as it sounds. I refuse to spend a ton on clothes, but I will splurge on some heels. I love heels. And my hair, I will splurge on that too. Everything else is Wal-mart here I come!!