Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Friday, but Sunday's on the Way!

Happity Friday everybody!

I went by the bakery today and (gasp!) they were OUT of hot cross buns! It was only 1ish! The baker will make more tomorrow, (whew!) so I reserved half a dozen. The lows and highs I felt in the bakery alert me to the fact that perhaps I'm a bit too in love with bread? I am, as a friend called it the other day, becoming a "carbo-terian".

The leg is managing. I'm limping, but I can tell it's better. Thanks.


So, this weekend is a holiday. (Perhaps for some it's not.)

How do you celebrate Easter?
Is it all about rabbits and eggs (ooh, and chocolate!)?
Or, will this Sunday be deeply meaningful for you, remembering Jesus Christ's death, burial and resurrection from the dead? As incredible and unbelievable as that event sounds, I have to tell you I believe with all my heart that it happened. I know of no other person in history that ever did that. (Rose from the dead, that is.) Check it out for yourself in the Bible. Look in the New Testament in the book of Matthew (first book in the New Testament). Look for chapter number 27 & 28. It's quite an account.

No matter how you celebrate (or don't), I pray you have a blessed Easter.

(P.S. Eat a bunny ear for me, I didn't get a chocolate bunny. My girl doesn't like chocolate. I know, I know, I'm also wondering if she actually belongs to me!)


Lady Em said...

I hope ya'll have a happy, blessed Easter too. She doesn't like chocolate? You know I was just like that as a kid. I like everything sour. My sister was the chocolate monster.

ksw_rootswriter said...

We went to our Easter service tonight. (They asked as many people as possible to try to do that, to make room for others tomorrow.) I was happily surprised that it was every bit as meaningful, every bit as emotional as a Sunday-morning Easter service. To top things off, hubby sat with me (he's usually in the sound booth) and both boys were bedside me (they're usually in junior church). It was such a blessing to get excited about the same praise songs with the boys doing the motions and singing out freely. I also love one of our church's traditions, resurrected from a habit of the early church: one person says "He is risen," while another responds, "He is risen indeed." And so He is. Allelujah.

And of course, we finished out the night with hot cross buns. One-a-penny, two-a-penny, hot cross buns. Glazed, studded with raisins and citron, topped with a buttercream cross, and served warm. Bliss.