Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Will Survive!

(Heard this joke yesterday. It cracked me up.)

Mary confused her valium and her birth control.
She had 14 kids.
But she didn't care.

I am covered up this week.

Since I do hair for a living, that's quite an image.

This week, it's not just been the day to day appointments that I've done (although, I have done that) we've added two consecutive 8:15 am breakfast meetings for the owners and a lunch meeting with one of the employees.

Two of my "sweet babies" (aka Thursday regulars) are going to a Mardi Gras party this weekend and since it's a costume party, they broought their wigs to me to be styled. Bless them.

I stayed late last night for a client when I couldn't put her anywhere else and worked in a few hilights on her tween daughter. Also, talked the client into adding hilights to the color I was doing. In the industry, that's called "upselling". Yeah me.

I'm scheduled for a massage tomorrow. Thank God.

Maybe they'll upsell me a facial.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All's Well. And It Wasn't Bad to Begin With.

I got a taste of being a single mom yesterday while hubby was out of town overnight. All I can say is, thank God for a friend to take care of my girl while I worked. Then, it was rush, rush to gymnastics, or "play" as she calls it.

I didn't mind being alone. But then, you know that I like my alone time! The time one on one with my girl was precious. I really enjoy her company.

It was all good until the sun went down. I was tooling along, minding my own business of bathing a small child and leaving her to get her pajamas on. I had just settled on the couch for a couple of minutes of computer time when I heard a noise at the front door. (Was that a knock?) All my firends know I don't use my front door. Unsure and startled, I went to check on my girl hoping maybe she was framming around knocking into stuff, but no, she was still wrapped in a towel on her bed. Freak out! I begin walking around, cell phone in hand, wondering what to do. I start peeking out windows but see nothing. There were no more knocks and eventually I settled down but was now aware of every single sound. Everything was/is fine, but I was just so aware that I was alone and wondered how single women deal with that every day. I guess you get used to it. But I felt exposed. Like a sitting duck. What would I do if someone tried to break in?! How would I protect my girl? I went to bed praying against fear and slept well, but man, am I ever glad my hubby is home. I love the security and safety I feel (or don't think about) when he is here.

Speaking of being thankful...remember my multi-tasking knitting and filling a tire with air? Well, guess which tire blew out while hubby was on the way to his class Monday morning? On the interstate. In Atlanta. Yep, the one that's been going flat. I wouldn't wish a flat tire on anyone, but all I could think as he recounted his "adventure" was, "I am soooo glad that wasn't me." I've asked him to show me how to change a tire. I'm sure I've been shown before, but I realized I have no idea where the spare tire is on the truck and apparently, there are hidden keys to get the lug nuts off the tire. Good grief. I would have died a slow painful death simply trying to 1. find the spare tire. 2. figure out how to get it out from under the truck. 3. get the lug nuts off. 4. know there was a key to get the last one off. 5. figure out how to jack up the truck. 6. know that you loosen the lug nuts BEFORE jacking up the truck. Yep. Life as I know it would have been over. But someone had recently shown him just what to do, he pulled off in a good spot to change the tire and arrived just in time for class. What a guy!

Before he went up, we called a couple of friends who live up that way and they invited him to stay overnight so he didn't have to spring for a motel room! Again, I'm so grateful for generous friends! (Please God, make me a good and generous friend too!) To demonstrate my gratefulness, I baked chocolate chip cookies and instructed hubby to share with our friends. You know, you never go empty handed. I wanted to show my gratitude in a bigger, more tangible way, but went with what I had. Last night, hubby said on the way, he purchased a small decorative plaque for their home as a gift. I'm so proud of him! I didn't tell him to do that! He was so thoughtful! Again, what a guy!

I'm such a grateful girl.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Seems like my multi-tasking might not be such a good idea.

ADD Cleaning and Other Amusements

I started yesterday with my, what I call, ADD cleaning.

You know, it's where you set out to, say, mop the kitchen, but first, you have to get the stuff up off the floor so you start cleaning off the bar. The reason you start with the bar is not because it has anything to do with the floor (aside to being fixed to it- the floor, I mean.) except that it is on the way to the other side of the room which is where you set out to go.

Even in writing this post, (which is my reward after sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms) I've popped up a couple of times to check my two meal supper. (Chicken and rice and vegetable soup and biscuits.) I've cooked or rather, baked a lot this weekend. Blueberry pancakes for breakfast, chocolate chip cookies as a surprise for hubby and some beer batter bread and banana bread to take to friend's last night for dinner.

But now I'm done. No more flitting and darting all over the house. I'm relaxing for the rest of the evening.

Of course, I'll be folding clothes as I watch a movie. But first, I'll get a snack. Let me just take a minute and straighten the pantry...

Friday, January 25, 2008

This is a Test

Let's see if this works.

If it did, I just learned something new that I have been trying to figure out forever and ever amen!

I learned how here.


*scream* I'm sooo excited! It works! It works!

O.K. please stop yawning in that bored fashion. I know you've known how to insert a link like forever and could do it in your sleep. Yes it is stupid easy.


(info on the link: My sister's wedding day, photos by my hubby and demonstration of his continuing photo editing education. These were taken in a church nursery, hence the cloud wallpaper. Lends a rather ethereal mood to the background dontchathink?)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Bumpy Bloggy Ride

Who knew blogging could be so "dangerous"?

I'm naive. About a lot of stuff.

I know there's trash on the internet. Fortunately, I seem to miss most of it.

I love visiting bloggers. I explore mostly blogs that have to do with design, crafting and art. There are some really cool, imaginative, creative people out there and I have enjoyed drawing inspiration from them. From one blogger's blogroll, I'll be drawn more deeply into the forest of blogdom. I can get lost for hours.

I flit around leaving a comment here or there. Or not. No pressure, no expectations. I read certain bloggers everyday. I'm addicted-what can I say? It has never occurred to me that if I left a comment with them they would come to my blog. (Well, maybe briefly.) My point is, I don't comment to try and increase my readership here. (If I had...well, I've failed miserably.)

As I flitted yesterday, I discovered "the dark side of blogging". Apparently there is a "code of ethics" in blogging. That's great. I would expect it to be something to the effect of "treat others the way you would like to be treated."

Ah, no.

I stumbled upon a blog that shall remain nameless where a reader emailed the blogger and said that she liked what she had read could she link to this blog? The blogger's response took me by surprise. It sounded harsh and ungrateful. After reading comments and going back today for an update, I realized not everyone is naive me. There are spammers out there. There are people who grab your content and paste it on their site. I remember when that happened to me and I was hot to trot. Spamming was the issue here and this blogger responded accordingly.

I think what I love most about blogging is that it gives me the opportunity to say what I want to say how I want to say it. These are my opinions. Take it or leave it.

There's no tried and true "netiquette". I thought it only polite to ask someone beforehand if you could link to them. I've been informed "that's lame".

Somebody hand me some crutches.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Offbeat Mulit-tasking

So, I'm driving to work this morning thinking about going to get a latte at my favorite coffee shop to assuage the nagging headache I have and I'm talking to my sister on the phone.

I pass a log truck. (I hate being behind those things- I just envision one of those logs sliding off into the car with me. *shudder*) The guy in the log truck beeps his horn and I check my rear view mirror slyly. Is he flirting? He points to my truck. I coolly don't acknowledge him just in case he's flirting. Then my brain kicks in and I remember how one of my back tires is tending to flatten occasionally.

Nixing the coffee idea, I cruise in to work, parking in a parking lot about a block away. (Don't get me started on the lack of parking near my work or the fact that I would have to rent a parking space in the parking lot AT my work. It gets ugly fast when I think about that.)
Fortunately, my forward thinking husband recently bought an air compressor (I think that's what is: you plug it into the cigarette lighter and it blows air.) for such a time as this. I plug it in and attach it to my tire and wait. It usually takes 10 minutes or so to pump up the tire. I hate standing around twiddling my thumbs- I'm all about doing something while I'm doing something- so I grab my knitting. So there I am. The truck door is open, I'm standing next to the truck knitting with this air thing whining in my ear watching it occasionally to make sure I don't get caught up in my knitting and pop a tire.

Definitely offbeat.

Or maybe I'm just "off".

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Going a Little Deeper

This is one of those rare moments when all seems right with the world.

I'm sure a lot of that has to do with my attitude. Why is it some days you feel on even keel and other days you can't stand yourself?

I feel that I'm back on track. I went to exercise this morning. Even though my body tried to talk me out of it. And I was happy to be there! And thinking about my little morning routine just cheered me up even more.

I spent a glorious weekend at home. I only left the house to get a newspaper Sunday morning. I would just stare at my little girl wondering at the joy she gives me. I enjoyed companionable time with my husband. It was such an enjoyable time that I missed them when I went to work on Monday.

I know that things can't always be hunkey-dorey. When my hubby and I disagree, it's a time for building our relationship. It stretches it-like a muscle. It hurts while you do it, but it makes the relationship stronger in the long run. We've had a rough five years as we've adjusted to being parents and our relationship with each other has had to change and grow into a new shape, but it's nice to begin reaping the benefits of our hard work.

It's not easy for a first-born to be married to a first-born. Now, with a first-born child thrown into the mix, you can imagine the sparks that fly from all three of us independent, strong-willed individuals!

You know what I've learned in these recent years? I've had to learn to trust my husband's love for me. I most certainly do not always agree with him, but I trust that he has what is best for our family uppermost in his mind and (usually after giving him a piece of my mind) I trust him to take care of his family.

What? I think I could do a better job? God gave him that responsibility. You think I want to pull that onto myself?


Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend at Home (aka:Bliss)

Look out there. It's cold and dreary. I'm not going out there.

Let's just stay in here where it's warm and cozy.

"I know 'can do! Wet's make cookies! Yeah!"

That was hard work. Now I will rest. Ooh look mommy! I can write my name!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Here are three quotes I heard yesterday that just cracked me up.

The first two are from the Hardy Boys (Mickey Mouse club) episodes I watched yesterday.

"I'd do anything to be a detective! I'll do arithmetic!" Joe Hardy (played by Tommy Kirk.)

"Don't put words in my mouth, it's not sanitary." Mr.Bones(?) the bad guy

I can't remember if I read this or heard it and I don't know who to attribute it to:

"The thing about nothing is, there's always plenty to go around."

Well said.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Great Day Recipe

So far, it's rained ALL day.

It's the recipe for a great day.

hot chocolate (with some breakfast coffe thrown in for flavor)
old Mickey Mouse Club Hardy Boys episodes
browsing on the web
homemade biscuits
Cambell's chicken noodle soup

Let sit all day for flavors to meld.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekend Kickoff

I always go into the weekend excited and hopeful. I mean, here we have at least two full days off! Sky's the limit!

I always make big plans for myself in the back of my mind. I envision all the things I'd like to accomplish and feel it may be possible with the expanse of time before me. Invariably, I putter the weekend away and arrive a Monday thinking "what happened?"

This weekend, I'm going to try to roll with it, baby. I'm aiming (see, I'm still setting goals!) for a balance of relaxation and responsibility. I just want to enjoy myself. The way a weekend should be.

The weekend I envision will include:

hot baths
hot tea
making sugar cookies (I need different cookie cutters or we'll be making Christmas cookies forever!)
radio dramas
neatly folded and put away clothes


Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Tiny Getaway

So shoot me.

I didn't go work out this morning.

I feel that scratchy, sore throat again. (What is the deal?) I so did not want to go out in the cold raining night/morning. I know I'll have to leave eventually to go to work, but I couldn't leave my warm cocoon. Not yet.

I did one of my "during the day get-a-ways" yesterday. Went to the library to load up on some books and took them to the "Grind" and ate a lesuirely lunch: baked potato soup, and their special chicken salad on a green salad with a pot of Earl Grey tea. I propped my feet up and perused a couple of my books. Bliss.

We booked our hotel room in Chicago. We'll be on Michigan Avenue and from what I understand, smack dab in the middle of shopping.

I'm just looking forward to a change of scenery. It's good to get a new perspective.

I had what I think is a great idea for a post, so stay tuned...I'm excited.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day to Day

First, let me say that further research reveals that Boston is commonly known as Beantown. However, one of my readers (hi Mary) directed me to Cloud Gate at Millinium Park (which looks amazing!)

Gosh, doesn't it feel like it should be Thursday already? I feel I've been off kilter since New Year's. All that time off has made me rotten.

Tidbits that are neither here nor there:

Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend I haven't seen in years. It began with a random text Saturday morning telling me it was good to see me over Christmas. She signed it with a shortened version of her name and so I had no idea who it was at first. Once we got that figured out, we set up lunch completely through text over the course of a couple of days. I don't know if that's cool or not. I'm kinda old-fashioned that way. I have to say it was pretty convenient though.

I created the most spectacular blonde hilights yesterday. Took a girl who is naturally blonde but gets blah during winter and perked her right up with 2 different shades of blonde (one a little lighter than the other) woven through her natural color. She looked like her natural self when all was said and done and I did a little happy dance.

After work, although I was running late to go to my knitting group, I ran by the "Grind" for a little vacation in a cup. Ah. In my hurry and concern with getting a no-fat sugar free hazelnut latte, I left wondering if I remembered to say "decaf". I just love surprises. I decided to wait till bedtime and we'd figure it out then. I'm still not sure, because I took a sleeping aid just in case. No problem. Except I'm a little sleepy this morning. Wonder why? :)

Well, now you know my life is not a series of fascinating events. Sorry. Just day to day little bits.

But I am going to CHICAGO!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Our salon strongly encourages attendance to hairshows. It gives an opportunity to become familiar with new products coming out and often we learn new techniques in coloring and/or cutting hair.
Plus, it's just fun(ny) to see some of the outlandish, imaginative ways people do hair...not counting the ones participating in the event! ;D

Seriously, we have been attending shows for years now and we've branched out from the local shows in an effort to "broaden the scope of our horizons". We've been to the International Beauty Show in New York for the past couple of years and are again looking to mix it up a little. Now we are making plans to go to CHICAGO! I've never been to Chicago and am looking forward to it not a little bit. O.K., here's where I'm counting on you to share your tips, must-eat and must-sees!

I've already been on line researching but I'm hoping to do things outside of the tourist traps. I wish I could remember the magazines I was reading about shopping in Chicago. Hmm.

I'm so excited!!

(why do they call it "beantown" anyway?)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Day On The Town

Well, we did it.

We went to Augusta and had a lovely time.

While hubby talked with the photographer for research, my girl took some Christmas money to the Dollar General store and found a Polly Pocket dog tricks set. It is my studied opinion that whoever invented Polly Pocket and Pocket Pets (?) has no children nor any affiliation with them. Otherwise there would not be countless minuscule parts that sink in the depths of the carpet when you shake them out on the floor!

After a quick run through Wendy's where I chose an Asian salad over a burger and fries (thank you very much), we found the Children's Discovery museum. It's mostly over my girl's head, but there were a couple of sections specifically for her age group, as well as a humongous slide, play structure thingy which she LOVED. Every time she slid down, she ran to the starting point to do it all over again. It's so much fun to watch your child enjoy themselves...

Unfortunately, when I choose a salad as a meal option, I am hungry a few short hours later. We were headed to the mall and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Cinnabon in the food court. Be still my heart. First of all, I rarely go to a "big" city mall. Secondly, I haven't had Cinnabon in a VERY long time. (Both of those are very good reasons to eat something that is full of sugar and carbohydrates.) Right then and there I decided it was high time to live life to the fullest. My girl and I shared one of those big, ooey, gooey, cinnamonny, buttery pieces of goodness. It was delicious. Thank you for asking. Let's just call it lunch's dessert.

I was struck by how we dress as clones of each other. The stores sell all the "same" clothes. Middle aged women in their track suits for comfort. Women dolled up in their jeans and heels, blouses cut high and low. Guys swaggering around in fashionably matched "tough guy" outfits--the hat turned just so, tennis shoes so brightly white, you need shades to look at them indoors. Then there's the "AmbercrombieNavyEagle" clan. They just all look the same. There was this one guy that stood out in the crowd.(There always is isn't there?) I tried not to stare, so in the long glance I took I saw meticulously brushed back hair-longish, an impeccable goatee, layers of chains on a mat of chest hair courtesy of a shirt unbuttoned to "there", tight jeans and boots. He looked like something you'd see at a hair show. O.K., he looked like something I HAVE seen at a hair show. On his arm was woman who was riding the shirt tails of the good looks she'd once upon a time.
And there you go. A trip to the mall: a study in anthropology.

The trip to Augusta is straight down a long and lonely highway. It's an hour and a half drive and you pass through two towns on the way. Boring. If you're of a mind to, you can count the gas stations plunked down in the middle of nowhere. It breaks up the monotony. Talking to two of your best friends helps also.

In the last two days, my girl has come to me and her daddy on two separate occasions and said "come see,come see! I put stinkers in the potty!" And she did.

...And we are making stinkers in the potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :} (hubby is also very excited about our news)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Flukiest: Photo Sharing and Video Sharing Interactive Community

O.K., I'm back to feeling like there is nothing blog worthy to write about.

The highlight of my day yesterday was going to OfficeMax for markers, colored pencils and gel pens. I am really fascinated by art journals and look for inspiration in the Somerset magazines and Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Traci Bautista is, I think, my favorite of these art journalists. Check out her work here:
Flukiest: Photo Sharing and Video Sharing Interactive Community

Cool, huh?

I woke up so confused this morning. I thought it was Sunday. I was still thinking about going to Augusta and trying to decide whether or not to get the Sunday paper here or wait till we got there. Very confused.

Um, yeah. That's about it.

Told ya.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm feeling kinda like a wuss.

This week has just beat me to death. I can feel a knot in my left shoulder blade and this isn't the week I get a massage. Muscle relaxers haven't helped. Maybe I can find someone with a hammer and chisel who can help.

Also, I haven't worked out this week. At all. I set the alarm, wake up, turn it off and roll over. I couldn't fathom lifting weights this morning with my shoulders hurting as they do.

I'm sick of myself because I feel all I've done this week is gripe. I hate that about me.

I'm looking forward to this weekend because I think we are going to Augusta. Hubby wants to check out a gymnastics meet and see how they photograph them. He wants to learn how. I want to take our girl here:

We don't go to Augusta very often since it's about an hour and a half away, so I'm kinda excited.

But first.


O.K. Deep Breath.

Let's do this thing.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Am Woman...Hear Me Roar.

My week has taken on a life of it's own. I am so immersed in it, I have a hard time remembering exactly where I am in it.

I just realized it's Wednesday.
Amazing. It's going by so quickly...
yet-- not.

I haven't thought much past or outside the moment I've been in. At times I almost feel like a robot simply accomplishing each task as it is laid before me.

Trying not to be angry at my hubby's apparent disappointment when I am too tired to stay up with him to watch a movie or simply interact with him. Trying not to let the tiredness speak sharply to a little girl as I carefully remover her underwear and wipe her bottom for the countless time.

Calgon! Take me away!!


It left without me...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008



Hot and fragrant
as coffee---

But my coffee cools

as my dreams fade


Life as I know it

goes on.


Monday, January 7, 2008

My New Ad Campaign

So, you know I worked Saturday.

Since I only work one Saturday per month, I usually begin at 8am and work "till they quit coming".

Well, Saturday, my first client (at 8am) was a 6 year old little girl. I've been doing her mom's hair for at least a couple of years now and "Mattie" and I have seen each other on several occasions although this was the first time I was really cutting her hair.

Mom informs me that Mattie wants to donate her hair to Locks of Love. Wow. This is gonna be a BIG haircut! Mattie's hair is below her waist! I asked Mattie how short she wanted her hair and she points to an area between her chin and her shoulder. I look at mom. "Really?" My eyes ask. Mom says Mattie has been talking about this for about 2 years, at which point I remember having this conversation before where mom and I were wondering if she knew that once we cut her hair it would be "gone".

Turns out, Mattie was so excited the night before (her mom said, "this is bigger than Christmas!) that she couldn't go to sleep and arrived in her parents room with pillows in tow announcing: " I can't sleep! I'm flipping and flopping! Can I sleep in here with you?"

At this point, I know this girl is ready to get her hair cut, so we begin --separating her hair into two low pigtails to mark the length and it comes! She turns her head back and forth letting her hair swing and gives a giggle. (This is sooo much fun!) I touched up the haircut and dried it all while she sat very still (between the excited wiggles). After polishing it up to a bouncy shine, I whisked off the cape. She jumped down from the chair and gave a jump to test it's bouncy potential, grinning all the while.

Daddy (who came to watch and capture the momentous moment on video) gathered her and her brother and headed for home while mom stayed for her "do".

As Mom was waiting in the waiting area, I heard her laugh. Once she got in my chair, she explained. "As daddy was driving the kids home, he was asking Mattie if her hair felt good being shorter and she replied: "Yes, it feels so good, it feels like I've just been born!"

I howled with mom!

And, I've decided on the new line that will run at the bottom of my business card:

"Haircuts so good, you'll feel you've just been born!"

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hi. My Name Is Grumpy.

I'm one of Snow White's dwarfs today.

You, my beloved readers, by now know what type of morning I am accustomed to. Right? To recap: when I arise from my slumber, I head straight for the coffee pot and begin my breakfast. Once I have that in order, I search you out. I quietly begin to share my thoughts and feelings via my fingers on the computer keyboard. I visit each of you, poking my head around the corner to say, hi -good morning! The clock begins it's creeping and then I scramble, fully awake to dress for work. The key to a successful, satisfying morning like this is that I don't interact with anyone else during this delicate routine of mine. It does sound quite a bit selfish, I do admit, but I look forward to it every morning before I begin interacting with my family .

I've had to make some adjustments this morning. I find it very hard to adjust gracefully, immediately becoming mulish when my routine is altered by one sweet husband who has been up for awhile and full of conversation upon my arrival. I struggled to keep my few words kind and conversational when all I wanted was to be left alone. (This is MY time! I screamed inside.) Now, I'm having my time, but at an accelerated rate. (Let's wake up fast today!)

I know you're thinking: "It's Saturday honey, chill out!" But-- I have to work this morning and, um, need to be there in about 40 minutes. I'm going to make a mad dash now....

If you will excuse me....

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Post That Should Have Cheered Me Up, Quite Possibly Screwed Me Up.

Ugh, I woke up with some lingering images from a disturbing dream. Let's look at some happy pictures and replace those images...

If you have peanut butter, who needs vegetables?

Here's a pretty little girl on her way to her first tea (chocolate milk) party. Dig those stripey tights! I want some!

Here's some Christmas silliness with Daddy!

What do you see here?

I'm so proud of my first doll

I had a heck of a time posting these pics and arranging them, along with the captions. GRRRRR. I deleted pictures more than once and the pictures just wouldn't move to where I wanted them. Fortunately, no ears were burned during my rantings. It's still not to my liking, but at least all the pics are here now. Enjoy matching pictures and captions.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tony the Tiger's Philosophy

Hola Amigos

I'm looking forward to today. I don't know why.
Except that it's the last day of my work week.
I have off tomorrow.
Today, I get to see my "regulars".
Chiropractor today.
Massage tomorrow.
I feel good about myself because I've exercised today.
Had a huge breakfast scramble/omelet thingy. (With a side of crescent rolls. Forgive me, I was starving and we gotta get the bad food out of the house somehow!)
I'm working Saturday which will help the piggy bank.

See? It's all rather mundane, but still....


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Didn't Mean to Clean

I have got to pull my lethargic self together and go to work today. Yesterday, I was ready. Kinda antsy after having so much time off. Today-not so much. I'll be fine once I get the ball rolling.

The plan (my plan-which, let's face it, is the only one I think about a lot of the time) yesterday was that the other two people who live in this house, would get up, eat breakfast and go to the park for a couple of hours while I spent some personal creative time at home. Weeelll, they went to the 4pm. As active plans were being made (at about 3) I went into my girl's room to tidy up some books and begin going through some things to give away. Suddenly, my husband materializes and says, "Give me 2 minutes and I'll make that easier for you.(Going through the books) It's been awhile since we really cleaned her room anyway." He then proceeded to pull ALL the books off the bookcase and hauled the bookcase and the bed out of the room so I could vacuum. Granted the room did need that, and I ended up rearranging the room and vacuuming. Hubbby did bring the bookcase back in and made our girl help us dust it. Then they left me to it. It was satisfying work, I moved her bed to the bay window, but then needed a table beside the bed for a lamp. I scrounged in my craft room and found one that I had been painting and the colors (think pastels on acid) fit her room which is a happy lime green and bubble gum pink. I quickly finished painting it's edges. ( This was just the inspiration I'd needed) and put it into place. Aside from a sticky drawer and the perfect knob that I can't find a screw for, it's perfect. (Or will do for now.)

Cleaning my girl's room was one of those things that I hadn't planned to do, but I'm really glad I did. I got to work on my crafts briefly. One of my clients who is an artist and works as chair at the art department at the university said "take 5 minutes a day and do some art." That way you do SOMETHING. That's a challenge for me because I become absorbed and could sit there for hours as one thing leads to another (or I start cleaning the craft room).

I haven't made any thought out resolutions,(I pride myself on not planning to fail) but after reading my friend, hepsmom's blog, I very well may. Her resolutions are thought out and have a plan as to how to accomplish them. They sound more like goals that will actually happen rather than the bravado: "I'm gonna...." Which in my case is probably what I should be doing anyway but is full of rather a lot of hot air.

I went to a link that hepsmom posted called Goodreads. This looks like it will help me organize my reading and keep track of the books I read in 2008. I'm interested to see how many books I read. I tried writing them down and keeping a log, but forgot to write them down. Maybe I won't forget to post them.

Well, I'm off to start hiking through the unknown that is 2008.
Wish me well...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I heard a saying that whatever you are doing when it flips into the New Year is what you will be doing the rest of the year.

Uh-oh. Doesn't look as if I'll be very profitable in very many ways because I was...

No watching a ball drop, no counting down seconds to midnight, no hooping and hollering, no boozy evening making small talk with other people who are also just hanging around till midnight so we can all go home and go to bed.

I'm so boring.

No, in the light of day, the sun is not shining any differently than it did in 2007. It seems, if it is a New Year that somehow things should be shinier and brighter. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if it were truly a NEW year?! All the indiscretions of last year wiped away from yours and everyone else's memory. Debt, hurt...gone.
Of course, now that I truly think about this, the downside of that is, with the bad would go the good. I couldn't bear not being able to remember all the little things my girl has done; cute things she said or did, accomplishments she made. And there would be nothing to build on to make ourselves smarter and stronger.

O.K., it was a semi-good idea while it lasted.

Let's just learn from those mistakes, using them to our advantage and have a wiser New Year.

Thank you to all of my new found friends via this blog. What a gift you have been! I'm looking forward to sharing this coming year with you.